Support services

  • Step by step implementation of deployment process at the prescribed time
  • Planning the project and assigning the responsible team
  • Customizing the solution to the common requirements
  • Supporting and training up to the full operation of the system.

The pajuheshco’s support services are one of the main stages of the product life cycle and ensures the effective exploitation of our customers.
In the pajuheshco, we try to provide the necessary platform for our customers to more fully use of the software solutions and facilities.
In addition to the technical support services of the systems,with the use of updated software versions, when any changes created in the current law(recruitment,taxes,…), the necessary adjustment will be applied with the coordination and request from clients.

خدمات پشتیبانی

The support services experts will be along with customers to implement these changes:

  • Delievery of the latest version of systems
  • Responding to the practical system needs(by phone call, by presence, by the website)
  • Responding to the need for complementary training while using systems
  • Designing reports and forms required by users
  • Specialized consultation for better use of systems
  • Checking customer’s database settings to improve systems performance


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