Designing the forms & documents

Ability of forms & documents designing at the circulation of administrative processes without the need for programming

Utilization in the network

The possibility of a single use of systems along with maintaining the network functionality

For all level of user

No need to have expert computer science knowledge in the use of systems

Dynamic reports

The possibility of preparing a matrix,graphical and dynamic synthetic reports without the need for programming


Flexibility at setting the criteria for issuing documentsto financial systems


Systems transferability from the previous environment(Novell network & DOS operating system) to the new environment(Windows NT network)

Interactive data

Designing comprehensive systems based on international codified theories and the possibility of exchanging information between systems

User friendly

Ease of use and system operation


The research and innovation company of educational industry (Pajuhesh Co.) was established in 1990 with the subject of educational research and educational materials production by Educational Company.

Pajuhesh Co. is a subsidiary of the Cultural Resources Fund of the leading technology companies in the field of information and communication, which is active in the design, production and implementation of administrative, financial and educational software systems.

The company began its activities with the design of the comprehensive information system of the Ministry of Education and subsequently launched the production, implementation and operation of the software systems of the comprehensive system of thirty-three integrated systems throughout the country. These systems cover all the educational affairs of schoolchildren throughout the country and the administrative affairs of more than a million workers employed in education from recruitment to retirement throughout the country.

ajuhesh Co. is currently ranked as first level by the Supreme Informatics Council as one of the leading software companies in the field of custom software development and support.

The systems of the comprehensive applications and the information bases of them are in perfect harmony with each other in a way that each system has relative independence in responding to a certain area of the operation of interconnection with other systems.

The research and innovation company of educational industries was founded in 1369 with the aim of educational research and production of educational materials and information by the educational equipment industries.Therefore, all its capital belongs to the educational equipment industries.

In 1992, the ministry of education recognized that the most appropriate way to run comprehensive informatics system is the entrust the work to the state-owned company,therefore the research and innovation company of educational industries was selected.

Thus the first pajuhesh co’s contract, which marked as the beginning of the company’s practical work was done and start its work with the design of a comprehensive inormatics system for education.

The comprehensive informatics education system consists of 33 systems designed and implemented by the aim of establishing an information-based management method through the automation of executive operations. The four main axes of education, namely, manpower.the school,the course and the student are automatically covered by the comprehensive systems.

In 2003, according to the approval of the board of ministers, the stock of educational equipment industries and pajuhesh co was entrusted to the cultural resources fund. Now, almost 15000000 million students from all the schools in the country and more than 6000000 graduates, more than one million manpower from the ministry of education from the beginning of their employment upto the end of the retirement period and thereafter, are covered by the system at more than 700 education districts and more than 100 offices and affiliated organizations.

Now the company’s products are being implemented in addition to the ministry of education in over two hundred government agencies and are supported by experienced experts.based on several years of experience and continuous research in the field of software applications, in recent years, the company has succeeded in designing and manufacturing new products with the latest software technology.


  • Business Intelligence

  • complaint system

  • Treasury System

  • Payroll System

  • Integrated Enterprise System

  • Automation

  • Personnel System

  • Student System

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality

  • Comprehensive Administrative Violations System

  • Depositary System and Members Facilities



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