Administrative Violations System

The comprehensive administrative violations system of the pajuhesh co is a powerful tool for continuous monitoring of companies and organizations and strengthening their internal control.

Administrative Violations System

Some of the characteristics of the comprehensive administrative violations system produced by pajuhesh co:

– The coverage of internal and external files

– The possibility of registering an issued ballot by mechanization in the voting units

– Extracting accurate and varied statistics and data at all levels

– Providing diverse reports of offenders over the years

– The possibility of referral to executive units to execute the verdict

– Product introduction in accordance with the implementation process of the administrative violations regulations

– Reducing the duration of violations file’s processing.

– The possibility of referral of infringement case to the competent authorities for decision making

– Various reports are filled during or after the end of the infringement cases proceedings.

– The registration and maintenance of the relevant information from offenders of the case in the online connection with the required systems

– Precise information from the organization’s senior management in every moment of all infringement cases

– Access of senior management to the results of handling infringement cases online.

– Recording  and maintaining of infringement cases including the initial report of the inspection, documents and …

– Recording various cases with different choices in the courts of inquiry and issuing votes

– Registering and maintaining the actions of managers, experts, inspectors and …

– Receiving required ministry reports required