why pajuhesh?

Technical Features


  • Flexibility and measurability to cover the needs of large and small private or governmental organizations and companies
  • High quality and reliability of products
  • Utilizing the latest technologies and techniques of software production and development
  • Continuous improvement of product technology and customization in accordance with the need of the client
  • The practical commitment to the process of continuous upgrading and updating of products in respone to the offers received from clients



Applicable Features

advantages of choosing pajuhesh company

  • The relatively comprehensive coverage of the financial and administrative needs of the organization in the form of over 37 subsystems of the administrative financial system.
  • Homogeneous and nice application user interface in different subsystems and ease of operation with the system.
  • Registering all users operations and the possibility of specific settings for each form to apply internal control
  • The possibility to maintain the financial and organizational information of any number of independent institutes by purchasing a software version.
  • The Communication of all the programs through infrastructure
  • Sending and receiving all documents and reports of different systems in various organizational positions
  • Supporting financial systems, human resources management and organizational automation in a focused and extensive manner



Support Services

advantages of choosing pajuhesh company

  • It has 20 years of experience and executive records in over 1000 companies and private and public institutes
  • Appropriate after-sales services
  • Providing electronic services in the Online Support format
  • Accessing to the knowledge base of products and the information of the latest product’s version
  • Providing remote services through a secure communications platform(vpn)
  • System installation based on the adaption of the program’s facilities to the needs of the organization
  • The commitment to resolve eventual problems in purchased programs without the need for a support contract.
  • The establishment of the customer care unit for the specific and urgent examination of the requests submitted by the clients