According to the purposeful motion of all Microsoft devices to .NET framework and also the huge volume of tools and software and their features,as well as the integrity and robustness of tools, it can now be considered as the best choice for software development.
According to the company’s records, the software installation is used in the most vital parts of the customer’s requirements, and in this situation all customers need to observe valid certificates from the competent authorities. Therefore, the pajuhesh co has been successful in obtaining the first rank of software production from the supreme informatics council for 10 years.
After initial testing with the test data, the necessary coordination for the required hardware production will be done, and then, after deploying the relevant systems, its management training will be provided to the system administrator as a customer representative.
The design of manufacturing software of the pajuhesh co is generally carried out on the customer’s request, and therefore the satisfaction of these systems end-users is the most important part of the guarantee of these software’s performance success, so it is always trying to ensure that users with the least knowledge of the computer Can easily do the required process.
Operational systems generally become vital parts of organizations,and therefore,at all stages of working with these systems, the pajuhesh co software support team should be along side customers and provide appropriate solutions at the appropriate time. For this purpose, during the week, all customers can receive their required services by the telephone,e-mail,systems, remote and online reports.
One of the most important needs of customers is to update their systems, which need to be updated in the shortest time and throughout the country. National software,which has a large number of users, is always working and can not stop. For this reason,updating is usually done by sending modified versions or reference servers, so that users can download their software in the shortest time and use the advantages of new features added.