complaint system

Some of the stakeholder’s contacts with the organization are concerned about the complaints of factors such as quality of service, quality of contact with clientele, and so on.

The existence of a proper methodology and a system for monitoring complaints can, on the one hand, create satisfaction in the plaintiffs and minimize the harmful effects of such dissatisfactions, and, on the other hand, create an opportunity for the organization to improve products, processes and work routines by identifying the reasons of complaints and trying to remedy them.

This software manages the complaints of an organization’s stakeholders, analyses, schedules, implementation and control of all activities that the organization carries out in dealing with complaints.

The existence of advanced monitoring and time management tools, as well as automatic workflow management along with numerous reporting capabilities in this area, have caused the system help the managers with a very different level of qualifications.

complaint system

This software, created based on the new software technology, provides a significant increase in productivity and reduce costs of an organization due to its flexibility and high capability in recognizing needs. It allows the system to be completely customized at a short time according to the requirements.

By using the complaints facility of the pajuhesh co, you can file and keep the complaints of the beneficiaries in the form of the plaintiff’s file, and also process with details, thus creating effective management in this area.

In dealing with complaints, it is sometimes necessary to access the records of the services provided to the plaintiff; the integration of this sector with other software subsystems makes this possible.

The variety of reports about issues such as the subject of complaints, the factors involved in it, as well as the duration of handling complaints and …, are just parts of this software section report.

The complaints filled by the plaintiff in the usual procedures by phone or face-to-face. Hence, creating easier conditions, such as filing a complaint on the website, is one of the things that an organization needs to pay attention to in order to reward the customer and communicate effectively with him.

By using web-based software, customers can register their complaint or request by contacting the organization’s website and follow the tracking code, online and web-based, to process the complaint or request to obtain the final result.

Also, if the plaintiff has filled a complaint or made a request through methods other than referring to the website, by receiving the tracking code, he may follow the relevant file by the website and get informed about its process.

Communication with the plaintiffs is also important, which has been given special attention in the pajuhesh company.