install services

  • Forming the leadership team and staff training
  • Step by step instruction with the help system
  • Establishment of resident expert if needed
  • Registering and troubleshooting problems at coustomer portal

The pajuheshco’s deployment and support team always tries to provide excellent services with the best quality to customers with a set of routines, tools and documentations in the software deployment sector that are the result of more than 20 years of direct and continuous work with coustomers and successful global patterns.
The success in the implementation and deployment of the software has always been directly related to the company’s successful experiences and of course that’s the result of working with organizations and large companies that causes to generate technical knowledge of deployment.

The experiences gained in this process have been designed in four stages as follow:


Understanding customer processes

The information you need to deploy is extracted from your organization and based on evaluations, the best consultation from software deployment experts is listed to be implemented in the organization in order to meet the requirements of the company’s transition from the existing situation to the best.

Forming a deployment service team

The manager of software implementation and deployment unit constitutes the project team comprising experts of the implementation and deployment unit and employer’s experts.
The most important task of this team is planning to deploy the software in the best possible manner in the current situation of the organization.

Software Implementing and training

The steps to be done by the pajuheshco’s project team:

  • Announcing the specifications of the required software servers
  • Software installation of the software main core on the required servers
  • Assembling basic information of the organization to implement and deploy any software
  • Converting the data from the previous client software to the new software
  • Providing expert consultation on launching softwares based on the experience of the project implementation and deployment team.
  • Holding workshops for clients
  • Providing software training to relevant users.
  • Transferring organization information to the software
  • Forming a specialized group to eliminate potential user’s mistakes

Operating the software

at this stage, the installed softwares are in the process of continuous support, and the bugs of users are resolved as quickly as possible.
At the end, it should be noted that the softwares are launched by the implementation and deployment team in your organization in such a way that can not be stopped at any time.